Through Blue Eyes

Photography by Oladios

Mortality lives in the back of my mind,
the place thoughts rarely visit.
Why contemplate an empty heart while
fairytales still form in my imagination.

over the rainbow
I fly the sound of color
silver drops of moon

©Susie Clevenger 2019


  1. "I fly the sound of color silver drops of moon" your poetry is like diamonds in the sunlight or spun silk! Stunningly beautiful! I believe that creative souls cope with the darker things in life a bit better because of their imagination and creative outlet. These lines speak that to me. I love this Susie!

  2. The imagery in the last stanza is amazing!

  3. Yes, keep the imagination alive, over the rainbow blue birds fly and so can you...

  4. A place where thoughts rarely visit- sublime

  5. This puts me in mind of the song, Behind Blue Eyes. An interesting question about the contemplation of the heart.

  6. Long may our imaginations live.. :)

  7. “Silver drops of moon” is a lovely, dream-like image. There are so many thoughts in the back of our mind, it’s amazing we have room left up front.


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