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Of Glass and Straw

  I’m swimming in glass… my crazy on display in wide eye view of those who ladle opinions over my skin to see if I can survive the undertone.   In a sea of stones it is the last straw that pulls me toward freedom.   ©Susie Clevenger 2020 The Sunday Muse #136

The Aftertaste of Kool-Aid

  He was a fool, a money chaser with penny eyes and thin skin.   He sold his integrity for a liar’s promise politicians would pour gold into the rust belt.   He ignored every song had a dance, every leap a come to Jesus if bottom was a deflated balloon of hot air.   Hung by his ignorance on a conspirator’s flag, he cried foul when he was caught in his own trap.  ©Susie Clevenger 2020 The Sunday Muse #134