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For me to unmake the wild light that candles me would seal me in the darkness of another’s choice. Misery tried to form me from its clay of sorrow, but I refused to surrender to the sculptor’s knife. Waiting for the world to turn back to me, decide I fit in a slot I’ve outgrown is not living. I believe what you love you must love now because tomorrow could arrive empty. ©Susie Clevenger 2019 My poem was written from Kenia Santo's prompt to create a poem from a list of Post-Rock song titles she provided. The songs I chose are: Unmake the Wild Light, Waiting for the World to Turn Back to Me, and What You Love You Must Love Now. Real Toads ~ Kenia Santos

Blame it on Music

I’m going to dance, not care about stares, not care about glares. My happy grooves when music moves me to step up and step out. If I smile, you can smile. If I sway, it’s OK. If I clap, it’s no trap. Music doesn’t care how you look, doesn’t care how long it took for you to get over yourself. Bring on the band…I’ll take your hand. There’s no divide when happy glides right up to your seat to get you on your feet. ©Susie Clevenger 2019 Real Toads ~ Juice!