Strawberry Wings

I remember my mother taking my sisters and I to our neighbors farm to pick strawberries. It was supposed to be a chore, but it never felt that way. Sunshine, laughter, and popping as many strawberries in my mouth as in the pail was magical. 

Sun deep in strawberries,
lips tinted red, and a bucket
begging berries, I turn
a chore into summer playtime.

Memories gather on white
puffy clouds where tomorrow
can read them, and today
is oblivious of tears on the horizon.

It is a butterfly moment of growing
wings in giggles, and feeling freedom
speak from the dirt between my toes.
United with sky and earth I soar.

©Susie Clevenger 2019

The Sunday Muse ~ Berries! Wednesday Muse #13

Oh, and I was super excited to make the gif. Little things. :)


  1. You know how to make a gif? I bow before thee!

    I love your memories of picking strawberries. Seems we both had puffy clouds on our minds today. GMTA! ;-)

  2. Such a wonderful memory. The last stanza is so amazing. It pwrfectly fits the butterfly gif. This brings back so many memories.

  3. I Love all the delightful imagery taking us to this wonderful memory with you Susie! I too am in awe of you making a gif! How cool! You always inspire me!


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