The Wink of His Words

I bloom in the back of his mind
where tea leaves speak and blood
is thicker than tears.

He walks hat tipped in salute
to every dreamer that catches
my silhouette in the wink of his words.

Pin striped lanky limbs struggle
to keep him centered, but I am
the ink writing him out of his mind.

There’s no warning when a pen breaks
a glass heart, or madness finds a mirror.
Love is never born from common sense.

©Susie Clevenger 2019

This poem first appeared in Visual Verse and was inspired by the artwork of  Craig Carry
The photo I used here is by Alex Fu via Pexels.


  1. .... this is absolutely stunning, Susie!! 💖💖💖 I am in absolute awe.

  2. Yes, serious stuff. I have seen those glass hearts crack. My dad was one, I don't know how it happened but he was an altogether different person that we once were seeing. That didn't make me forgive though, just sort of make up.
    I like your illustration, I am sure you noticed the dog's head with teeth showing. Scary.

  3. That last line packs a punch Susie! So true and spoken amazingly as only a true poet could! It deserves recognition and a wide audiance! This is amazing poetry!

  4. Mystical and almost manic, this poem fizzes, Susie, and I love everything about it! I especially love the way it ends with the truth: Love is never born from common sense.

  5. I love the way you built up to the conclusion of this poem.. the last stanza makes its point, and leaves us blinking in recognition of love's fallibility.

  6. AH! How you build on it with such effective metaphors is so very cool. That last line comes at a defining point and everything starts becoming apparent. This bit does it for me: "but I am/the ink writing him out of his mind."

  7. I love 'bloom in the back of his mind' and you as the ink writing him out of his mind.

  8. I'm drawn to all the whimsical imagery the subject uses to describe her admirer, only to dismiss his feelings as madness in the end. There's a coolness hiding in those fantastical phrases.


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