Ladder Against the Sun

There are many things I’ll never have
in this circus of the sun.
Days add and subtract, glow bright
even in the sweater gray of grief.

Not every ladder climb reaches a dream,
but those that do imprint the spirit
and keeps my heart reaching toward hope.

Life is a high wire walk through light and darkness.
I know I can make it if I carry at least one pocketful of sun.

©Susie Clevenger 2019


  1. I love that pocketful... if you never climb, roots will grow from your feet.

  2. And that pocketful can be enough to light up a world.

  3. Oh that "sweater gray of grief" really got me Susie! I love the hope that reigns in this beautiful and wise poem. Keep on keeping the pocketful of sun my friend.

  4. So much hope in this in spite of the sweater grey of grief.

  5. Carrying one pocket full of sun will brighten any day with wondrous hope! A beautiful poem.

  6. Not every ladder climb reaches a dream

    sometimes it is about the journey one rung at a time.


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