Writing with a Paintbrush

At the Seashore by S. Anderson

Winter grumbles
its gray across the sky,
but I dance in the sea spill
of blue racing across the sand
and summon July’s spirit
to pinch my cheeks with summer.

Beescape by P. D. Laine

Concrete molds me
into its city hum
of traffic growl
and chaotic motion.

Outside my window
honeybees find their Eden
in a small plot of purple
and gold daises.

I press my hands to the glass
to feel the irony.

No Title by O. Bentor

bird of paradise
winged blooms perched on stems
color’s flight pattern

Fire & Ice by S. Anderson

Sunlight skinny dips
in November’s chill              
Daydreams learn to swim
in the season of frosted breath.

Green Paradise by B. Grimes

Green stems cackle
their song of June
to yellow blossoms
plump with sun.

Flower Impression by S. Edwards

Morning glories
bloom their impression
of heaven, bold petals
command a hallelujah
from pressed lips
void of gratitude.

Sunrise by G. Hill

I watch the mountain open its eyes
of bright yellow morning and
I reach for handfuls of light.

Sun poems sing from the tips of my fingers.

Bee Tree by P. D. Laine

 Bees congregate on bare tree limbs.
Wings leaf empty branches until spring’s womb
can deliver April’s petaled offspring.

Through the Looking Glass by C. Grimes

magic bleeds
in rainbow droplets
april fills its cup

Wooly Worm Festival by O. Benton

Oh, dear wooly worm, you can survive
being frozen in place…Yesterday’s winter
feels warmer than this Indian summer
without his smile…How do I reach tomorrow?

All poems by ©Susie Clevenger 2019



  1. Oh I do love how you try to hold on to summer when autumn is coming... so many colors there to remember.

  2. I really like these. Magnificent, especially the first two and the one about morning glories!

  3. Pinching July into your cheeks, in a small plot... I do marvel when I'm in NYC and the birds and butterflies do find their places! skinny dipping is PERFECT for that image! The "plump with sun" and the "hallelujah" are again spot on! Enjoyed them all.

  4. Each of these tell a beautiful story Susie. Bravo!

  5. Susie, you were ambitious when you wrote these covering every piece of art. Seasons and the nature of our earth are played together in natural ways, one of many lines I chose to elevate to next higher level is, "I reach for handfuls of light" when the earth of the mountain opens. We've played in different ways with more than a handful of volcanoes. I think hot, heat, and destruction with these.

  6. I love how you’ve done justice to all the images, Susie, and brought them to life. I’ve already heard winter grumbling here in the UK so it’s uplifting to think of you dancing ‘in the sea spill of blue racing across the sand’. I also like the honeybees finding a ‘small plot of purple and gold daisies’ among the city’s concrete and traffic – this time growling, perhaps with the irony! I think my favourite lines are:
    ‘Daydreams learn to swim
    in the season of frosted breath.’

  7. I love how you have used all the paintings - you really bring them to life and the story flows

  8. Wow! These are beautiful! You were truly inspired.


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