Writing My Sky

With the pity of seagulls
this human rock
flew a puppet’s journey
where mist swallows marsh.

In the birdsong of capture
I felt gravity’s war with sky.

Through palms clutching air
the wind read my fortune…

Your wings are feathers of ink.
If you wish to soar the heavens,
don’t build a cage with empty pages.

©Susie Clevenger 2020


  1. That last line is truly spectacular Susie!! I love the message in this so much! A glorious poem for the poet's heart! It does seem that in our hardship and trials can come the mighty cathartic art of poetry. So glad you joined us this week!!

  2. OwooOOOO! Pity for the rock! "I felt gravity’s war with sky."
    And the fortune is warning to us all. Love!

  3. Yes, I liked gravity's warwithskyin particular. Lovely words and poem, Susie

  4. "In the birdsong of capture I felt gravity's war with sky." What a fantastic line - and poem - this is.

  5. The stanza about the wind reading one's fortune was perfect!

  6. "Through palms clutching air
    the wind read my fortune…"

    Love that line, and the ending of this poem, Susie.

  7. So many wonderful lines, especially "gravity's war with sky." You always amaze me, Susie.


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