Garden of the Moon

Where eternity slips
through the narrows
of the moon, time flies
with dragonfly wings
through Adam’s rib
to test how much
weight Eve will
be pressed to carry.

©Susie Clevenger 2020

#napowritmo2020 Day 24
Inspired by #skyloverwordlist - narrow -


  1. A most gorgeously compelling twist on Eden, Susie! 💘💘

  2. I like those "dragonfly wings". I could use some to slip through the crack in the cookie jar lid.
    Nice write, Susie.

  3. I love "time flies with dragonfly wings". How beautiful!

  4. Just perfection, these words for this image – unpredictable and therefore surprising, yet so exactly right. And beautiful too. Everything one wants in a poem!

  5. Stunning imagery, Susie, particularly those dragonfly testing ‘how much weight Eve will be pressed to carry’.


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