Peace Under a Streetlight

Across the street a gray and white cat
stations itself on a square of sidewalk
and waits for me to open my front door.

We are both hungry, he for the food I scatter,
and I for the purring comfort of trust.

It is our streetlight ritual where peace
isn’t bound by rules of separation.  

©Susie Clevenger 2020

#napowritmo2020 Day 18

Inspired by: #skyloverwordlist - stations

Sometimes poetry isn't a grand work of wording...It's the echo of honesty.


  1. You've outlined a stark representation of just how delineated and defined our lives have now become. It's honest and in some ways, brutal. But you've brought the comfort and humanity to the scene, by the force and power of a "simple" ritual - the implicit and trusted exchange for what needs must sustain us - together - to survive, yes, but also, really emphasizing what it means to overcome and thrive. It forces us to examine more closely, all aspects of our lives and decide what it is we truly crave and need.

    (as an aside, my cat Salem is simultaneously now indulging in face time with me, as I try to type - as cats are wont to do, as is their custom - she seems to always know and decide just what I most need in the moment, even if I don't realize it)

    be safe and well Susie - find your peace as you can, in the hushed and stolen moments

  2. This is incredibly potent in its rawness and honesty, Susie! 💘💘💘

  3. Lovely! (But wash hands before and after. Cats can catch it too! Albeit not as readily as us.)

  4. I have had a couple of interactions with joyful dogs this week which lifted my heart so much. The animals bring so much comfort - and trust.

  5. All beings seek connection, and wish to trust til they have that trust abused. It's a great reward to have the trust of a wild thing.This is poignant, Susie--a word I seldom use, but which fits the tender emotion this touches off in me. Thank you so much for contributing to the 55, and may you and your purring partner have a kickass weekend.

  6. This poem has essence of cat running through it, Susie. From the grey and white cat ‘stationing itself’, which ours do every day, and waiting for the front door to open, to the ‘purring comfort of trust’.

  7. You know how i love this poem.. feels it could have been written for me and my kitty too.


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