Rejecting the Wound

Bitter likes to talk behind your back,
carve your bones into its distortion.

Conversation’s acrid knife searches
tears to judge its wound.

Put trust in your own reflection,
not the cutting silver of wicked’s tongue.

©Susie Clevenger 2020

#napworimo2020 Day 16

Inspired by: #skyloverwordlist - Conversation
And this image from Real Toads In The Remains of This Month (April) taken by Karin Gustafson



  1. "The cutting silver of wicked's tongue....." I love that!

  2. " Conversation’s acrid knife searches tears to judge its wound," my goodness this is potent! ❤️

  3. Reading this, I straighten my back, flex my bones, lift my head....

  4. this is such an excellent development of the theme, Susie. each image slices to the bone.

  5. I like ‘Conversation’s acrid knife’ and ‘the cutting silver of wicked’s tongue’, Susie!

  6. I have that image saved in my photos, Susie--it is one of the most eloquent images I've ever see, and your words fall over it like a well-fitted garment--in particular that first couplet, and all the way through the second, with a strong close. All too many "conversations" are just veiled spite from "wicked's tongue."

  7. Susie, I smiled some, as it hit me when I reached the end that at the very first you were then writing a warning about "back biters". Its been a long time since I heard them mentioned.
    Stay Safe,


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