Slivers of Rage

You torch our ears with promises,

gaslight flames to burn us in a corner

to camp beneath light we can never own.


Streets are littered with dreams

no one can fix and hearts that can’t unbreak,

while pulpits and podiums prey on us with pyramid schemes.


What about us … the slivers of rage living on

the edge of shadows, torn hearts without

needle or desire to stich a country into a flag.


We are different colors…different lovers…different souls…

broken bones walking the knife blade of those who are more

tender with their prejudices than the humans who suffer at their feet.

©Susie Clevenger 2020


  1. You had me at the opening!💘 This is such a powerful cry for justice! Especially like; "What about us … the slivers of rage living on the edge of shadows." Thank you so much for adding your voice to the prompt, Susie! 💘

  2. The line "gaslight flames to burn us in a corner" caught my eye. Yes, so many of us have been gas-lit for far too long and people are dying because of the all too real flames. Enough false light, enough excuses. Enough.

  3. "You torch our ears with promises" - A wake-up beginning that follows through.

  4. What about us, indeed.. I wonder if the answer to that question--a thought out answer to that question--would live the ones being asked understanding the other they seem to not even see.

    The mood made me choke a bit.


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