The Art of My Sanctuary

The walls around me feel tighter

against my spirit like blue jeans

that no longer fit because I fed my feelings.


Anxiety flushes my skin forcing me

to attempt to shake it off with pacing.


My erratic walk takes me to my library

where brightly colored art greets me

from every wall in the room.


I slowly turn letting my eyes feast

on brush strokes, dancing images,

fantasy figures sailing a paper moon sky.


My mood shifts with electric shocks

of inspiration as I absorb the energy

of hope, talent, vision, each artist

poured into their paintbrushes.


The binding rope of dark emotions

I carried into the room slips away,

and I feel the creative strength

of others lift me, encourage me

today is the only door I need to open.

©Susie Clevenger 2020


  1. Wow! is is always so good reading about slipping out of dark into happy moods

    Happy Sunday


  2. I wish everyone who's suffering anxiety during these dark times had such a room where their worries disappear! Thanks for sharing your solution for the doldrums!

  3. Oh I love the last line "today is the only door I need to open." and the transformation of that nasty anxiety to inspiration and energy of art. Very hopeful Take care and a virtual hug for you

  4. If only more of us would live for the day, rather than plan for an uncertain future. What excellent vision especially in these stressful days.

  5. A great progression to reach that final line – inspiring!

  6. I love... "today is the only door I need to open."

  7. I second Rosemary's thoughts--I love the progression and the final exhale. Creativity made real is fantastic medicine. May we always have access to it, may we always be able to acknowledge its power, may we always create.

    This is beyond awesome, Susie.

  8. i'm the same way, whenever i feel down and low, i just go into the basement where i keep my book collection and just let their presence elevate my feelings to bliss. great write!

  9. My goodness this is good! 💝 I feel the ache, the struggle to break free especially here; "The binding rope of dark emotions I carried into the room slips away, and I feel the creative strength of others lift me." Beautiful, beautiful writing, Susie!💝

  10. A wonderful find, a place for and escape and inspiration as your eyes feast and absorb the energy in the room.

  11. I don't know how many times the creativity of others has saved me. LOL, far too many times to count. That's why creating feels like an awe inspiring act to me, because of it's potential to move the human spirit.


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