Knee on the Neck of Democracy

We’re praying between bullets, fed pepper

to season our screams, and dodging puppets

who dance on an orange string.


Change came like a lion,

stalked our lungs, then locked us down

in a twitter nest of failure.


What will we look like when hell is over?

When tomorrow doesn’t arrive with

a black coffin sun?


 ©Susie Clevenger 2020

Friday Flash 55


  1. The pressure of events is crushing. Change smokes through this poem, tarry-thick and pungent with unanswerable questions: ".. What will we look like when hell is over?" I don't know, but it won't be like what we were. An excellent, deeply cutting 55, Susie. I can so relate. Thanks for bringing it to us and have a kickass weekend if you can.

  2. As Joy says .... you 'brought' it to us and then some. Totally Kickass!

  3. Powerful poetry here Susie! Change came like a lion indeed! There are so many battles we are facing right now, and your poem captures those fears and despair perfectly.


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