Wild Ride of Palette and Brush


The highway is a paintbrush and wide-open canvas.

Talent doesn’t sit in the corner like a wall flower

begging a dance…Creative likes the wind in its hair,

wheels humming music through a landscape

of star stunned palettes thirsting for revelation.


Do you think Dali, Frida, or Van Gogh had any F’cks

to give about societal maps trying to plot their destinations?


I’d love to take a convertible ride with the three of them,

slap conformity in the ass, and conjure daydreams

from smoke rings storming the air.

 ©Susie Clevenger 2020

The Sunday Muse #131


  1. I'd love to join you in that rockin' top down vert ... no, they would not give a fuck.

  2. Monet, huh? Vincent isn't going to be happy you switched him out!

    Who wouldn't love to take a ride with such strong spirits as them? ;-)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Shoot, I have Monet on the mind for some reason. I think because he is my go to when I am in need of some peace. Maybe he's a ghost rider. lol Thanks for pointing out my error. I'm riding with the right painter now. :)

  3. "..a landscape/of star stunned palettes .." I love that, Susie. I think you've got the attitude and altitude nailed down here.

  4. "The highway is a paintbrush and wide-open canvas" - great! and +1 to what Hedgewitch said...

  5. That was a nice ride. We rode with Van Gogh and Monet some, posthumously. They didn't use maps very much.
    I didn't hear your Honk as you passed through on your journey. Did you do topdown like the ones pictured?

  6. I LOVE your poem, especially your opening lines.

  7. It is always liberating to slap conformity in the ass! Love this poem Susie!!!!

  8. Fun stuff... in keeping with the artists in question! Nicely written.

  9. What a riotous ride it would be with those three! Loved your poem, Susie!


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