Surviving Shadows


“Time flies over us but leaves its shadow behind.” ~  Nathaniel Hawthorne


Time doesn’t heal.

It is the spirit’s ability

to grow peace among scars

that keeps the heart

reaching toward tomorrow.

©Susie Clevenger 2021

The Sunday Muse #141


  1. Love your words. Beauty in simplicity. Forgiveness the key.

  2. And a beautiful brevity it is ....

  3. Goodness knows I have scars, some won't heal. This is a very evocative piece for me. But I am a Plan B type.

  4. A powerful message in this beautiful poem Susie! An acre of wisdom in inked brevity!! I love it!!

  5. Time doesn't heal, the spirit does indeed move you forward, the scars will always remain but, the pain will subside.

  6. This is beautiful (and true), Susie. I love what it promises.

    Happy New Year (again)!

  7. This is beautiful and wise, and said so well.


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