The I Am of Wings


Whispering leaf bones of pines

emerald my window as the last gasp

of winter foams the horizon.


My heart lifts a psalm of spring

in goosebumps along my arms.


The constancy of season’s change

breaks the glue of grief I’ve been mired in.


For a few chords of hallelujahs

I am the wings I begged God to send me.

©Susie Clevenger 2021

The Sunday Muse #149


  1. This is so compelling and encouraging! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your heart's psalm is hopeful and gorgeous and could take us all to flight! This is a beautiful beautiful poem Susie!!

  3. "...give thanks in all circumstances...." And, if possible, do it with goosebumps! An uplifting poem.

  4. The second verse grabbed me and wouldnt let go. Luv it

    Happy Sunday


  5. Gorgeous poetry, Susie. A ‘feel good’ on this Sunday morning.

  6. Glorious! Love the way this catches me up in the lift at the end.

  7. We had been having Spring, after a brief week of Midwest winters, now we are approaching Summer very fast, high 70's and low 80's here, typical for our mid-March summer start. But not read constant this year? ("constancy of season’s change") I loved the last consoling lines,
    "For a few chords of hallelujahs
    I am the wings I begged God to send me."

  8. "emerald my window" - great verbing of the noun. Very evocative. "I am the wings I begged God to send me." - that is perfect. Wonderful.

  9. Those of us in the northern climes greet early signs of Spring with a resounding hallelujah. You said it beautifully!


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