Gemini Sisters of May


In the very much alike totally opposite

we dance a waltz in moon soaked shoes

collecting butterfly wings in sapphire ink.


Poet twins of different muses our eyes

travel the spaces between light and dark

to find words and visions to paint the alphabet

into unique fingerprints united through poetry.


Gemini sisters of May we feast on spring

to grow flowers in winter and splash journals

with words so tomorrow won’t go hungry. 

©Susie Clevenger 2020

For my Gemini poets Carrie and Shay

The Sunday Muse #161


  1. Wow, Susie, you are on fire these days. This is gorgeous writing.

  2. "So tomorrow won't go hungry" sigh...I love that Susie! The entire poem is amazing and lovely! A glorious representation of a poets heart and soul. In many ways a poet is a Gemini, whether born in May or not.

  3. This is luscious poetry Ms. Susie!

  4. These two are soul-linked. I love this line:
    "we dance a waltz in moon soaked shoes"

  5. Beautiful shot Susie! Fine tribute to the Gemini sisters!


  6. Oh YUM, this is a feast of words. No fear tomorrow might go hungry!

  7. Susie, thanks for your comment on mine. Old Fumblefingers here hit "delete" instead of "publish" and I do apologize.

    1. You’re welcome. That’s ok. It’s happened to me before also.

  8. I'm learning much about the Geminis. We have a granddaughter who was born on May 15 but I see the Gemini were from May 20 to June 21, so none of these to check on in real time. I liked the lines, ". . . splash journals [ ] with words so tomorrow won’t go hungry." I wish more folk would be keeping Journals or Diaries, I often encourage that and wish I had kept one.


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