Not Every Match Strikes Gold


I used to be a chin up guy,

beat the odds, never give up

because hell is just a side trip.

Funny how naïve weighs

you down when reality

ages you into cynicism.

Listen kids…The devil loves glitter,

the shine of the blind spot.

He’ll offer you a cigar and scar you with the match. 

©Susie Clevenger 2021

The Sunday Muse #178


  1. “Listen kids…The devil loves glitter,

    the shine of the blind spot.”

    That is pure gold.

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  2. This is brilliant Susie! I love how you wove all the images together in your poem. That last one is priceless!!

  3. Aren't you the clever one to use the three images so well....and the deevil took the hindmost again!

  4. Susie, this was as fun read, made me think of Mrs. Jim when we first married, 48 years ago. She was very "naïve" though things like that did not weigh her down. I taught her some things she didn't know but also she taught me. We still learn.

  5. Great trio Susie - saving the best till last!

  6. Oh wow, did not see that burning ending coming! I love how you used all 3 images so well, Susie!

  7. LOVE that ending! I'd hanging that, poster size, in the house.

  8. Susie, I like how you see these three.

  9. This is a winning trifecta!!! You gotta cash in your ticket.

  10. Wow, these were creative and fun to read.

  11. Great buildup and perfect finish, Susie. The Devil knows all the roads to Hell, but he doesn't always tell us that's where we're going.


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