Dandelion Owl in Clouds of Concrete


In the backward forward

I unravel, unfeather.


Destiny sits on my shoulder

warning, “Use your voice

to divide truth from the noise

of what shouldn’t be heard.

Earth spins on broken bones.

Be the calm in the fire, balm for the wound.”


Today is what I’m given.

Tomorrow is my hope.


I am one linked to the heartbeat of many.

For every feather I’ve lost there’s a hundred

forming new wings.

I’m a dandelion owl trusting I can see change

through clouds of concrete.

©Susie Clevenger 2022


  1. So lovely, so hopeful. Holding on to truth, to hope, to calm, midst the clamor of these crazy times is our work as poets, I think, difficult though it is. I especially love "For every feather I've lost there's a hundred forming new wings." Wow. That is a great line.

  2. Today is what I’m given.
    Tomorrow is my hope.

    I am one linked to the heartbeat of many.

    These lines resonated with me. There's a sense of fortitude in this piece, a tone that says that no matter what happens, life will go on flourishing.

  3. You sure belong at earthweal. We need all the dandelion seeds you can blow gently ...

  4. This is very visual, Susie--a striking metaphor that sends the feathers flying out alive. May they flutter where they will do the most good to us, and to an earth that, like us, spins on broken bones. Good to see you at earthweal.

  5. The message in this is both soft and strong Susie. Truly beautiful and a poem to be read over and over again.

  6. One can only hope in these awful times.

  7. These words form beautiful images. We can't change the past but we can collect wisdom from our experiences and work for a better future.


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